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Belief Revision: Modeling the Dynamics of Information Systems
  Description An information system characterizes a view of the world with which it interacts, and broadly speaking, its input can take two forms; a query or an impetus for change. Physically the information held by an information system might be a diagram, a graph, a spreadsheet, a database, a rulebase, or a more sophisticated cognitive entity. More often than not, information is uncertain and subject to change; this is the case even for simple database systems. Consequently an information system requires a mechanism for modifying its view as more information about the world is acquired. This tutorial will focus on modeling the behaviour of an information system as it receives new information. In particular, a computational model for changing an information system will be presented together with the necessary background knowledge to implement it. Several real world applications of this model will be illustrated.
  Location Canberra
  Duration 14-Nov-1995 to 15-Nov-1995
  Presenter Mary-Anne Williams
  Affiliation The University of Newcastle
  Web page ~is/ai95tut.html
  Poster Mary-Anne Williams

Belief Revision Online Tutorial
  Description We are currently developing a Belief Revision online tutorial. In the meantime check out the interactive animated system of spheres! See the link below.
  Location Coming Soon!
  Duration 01-Sep-2001 to 01-Jan-5001
  Presenter The Business and Technology Research Laboratory
  Affiliation BeliefRevision.org
  Web page /maryanne/sos
  Poster Mary-Anne Williams

AGM in and out of Focus
  Description This course aims to provide an introduction to some theories of belief revision in a way that is accessible to a fairly general audience.
  Location Aix-en-Provence (France)
  Duration 11-Aug-1997 to 22-Aug-1997
  Presenter Horacio Arlo-Costa and Krister Segerberg
  Affiliation null
  Web page #language&logic5
  Poster Numi Tran

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