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New Book: Frontiers in Belief Revision 02-Sep-2001
  Comments Frontiers in Belief Revision is a unique collection of leading edge research in Belief Revision. It contains the latest innovative ideas of highly respected and pioneering experts in the area, including Isaac Levi, Krister Segerberg, Sven Ove Hansson, Didier Dubois, and Henri Prade. The book addresses foundational issues of inductive reasoning and minimal change, generalizations of the standard belief revision theories, strategies for iterated revisions, probabilistic beliefs, multiagent environments and a variety of data structures and mechanisms for implementations. This book is suitable for students and researchers interested in knowledge representation and in the state of the art of the theory and practice of belief revision.
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  Poster Mary-Anne Williams
The new Belief Revision site 04-Dec-2000
  Comments The new site can dynamically generate web pages based on the information input by visitors
  Web page
  Poster Numi Tran
Belief Revision is in Orbit! 04-Dec-2000
  Comments Please send any feedback about the new site to
  Poster Numi Tran
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