ADS Online
  Description ArounD Sat is a flexible Intelligent Java-based Toolkit driven by a highly efficient SATisfiability engine!
  Web Page /ADS/
BReLS Online
  Description BReLS is a system of belief revision. It is based on semantics which uses a measure of priority for deciding which sources of information have to be preferred. A CGI interface has been designed to show the system on the WWW. Please note that the programs are still very limited (eg, they do not work for more than eight variables). If you find any bug, please report them to
  Web Page
SATEN Online
  Description The Sagacious Agent for Theory Extraction and revisioN, a Java-based Belief Revision Engine implemented with an object oriented data structure for full first order logic.
  Web Page /systems/saten.html
SNePS Online
  Description The Semantic Network Processing System
  Web Page
SOS Online
  Description A system of spheres animation (the Flash plugin is required)
  Web Page /systems/systemofspheres.swf
VADER Online
  Description A web-based first order theorem prover
  Web Page /systems/vader.html
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